Scam Test

Is this a scam?
No.  I’m just being creative about selling the house, and want you to have fun with it as well. Who knows, this story might even get on the news.

Is it a scam? Well, if I don’t receive enough to meet our target, we will donate the money (less direct expenses) to Citizens for Health, Best Friends, and Habitat for Humanity.   If we exceed our target, we will donate all monies to Citizens for Health, Best Friends, and Habitat for Humanity.

Can I trust this guy?

I am a real person.  You can find out about me by going to About Me.  I’ve provided my real websites, my real profiles, my real everything I can think of.  Take a look at all my profiles on Facebook, LiveJournal, etc.  They have been around for years.  It’s not something someone could just conjure up overnight.

Google “George Tran.” You will find that my name is spotless. I intend it to be this way. I make my living off the internet so it is important that I keep my reputation.  Go to my Facebook account and contact some of my friends and ask them for a character reference.  Go to and look up my name “george tran” and check out my contacts.

Check out my business link at Check out my Twitter on the side bar. Check out my Facebook.

Check out….a venture I started a few years ago to help non-profits organizations get off the fund raising treadmill.

Check out…the company I founded about 9 yrs ago. It is the #1 e-commerce solution used by more internet marketers than any other system. I’m a real person.

I intend to be as transparent as possible to you during this event. It’s as much an experiment to me too. I don’t know how well this will work.

Think from our perspective for a minute.  If this thing backfires and it is concluded that I am anything but in total integrity, the bad reputation would ruin me.  My reputation online is worth a lot more than the potential revenue generated.

Media Investigation
We’ve gotten a lot of media publicity for this giveaway, including the Register Guard, Oregon’s #3 newspaper; and KEZI; one of Eugene’s largest TV news stations. These companies have done their due diligence on us before running our story.  Furthermore, we have been on KEZI 3 times on subsequent follow ups.

Fraud of this kind gets people in jail.  Again, if you look at this site, I’ve given you everything about me…all my personal blogs, profiles and history.  I’m just being creative about selling my house and am helping a few non profit organizations at the same time.  That’s the honest truth.


One Response to “Scam Test”

  1. writergrrrl Says:

    I’m sorry your contest was shut down. It sure looks like you did your best to be open, honest and reasonable. I still don’t understand why the Oregon DOJ decided your contest was not compliant, that just doesn’t make sense. It looks like everyone would benefit from a successful conclusion to your contest, it’s a shame DOJ interfered.

    My friend has started a similar “contest of skill” in Hawaii to “give away” her home; I’m reading through your blog to see how we can learn from your experience. You can see her effort at if you like.

    Best of luck to you.

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