About the House

The address is 24720 Vaughn Rd, Veneta, Oregon, 97487.

It’s a 3 bed/2 bath 1413sq ft. house with a large 2 car garage. There’s a stream by the side of the property and the entire property is surrounded by trees. It’s big enough to have a couple of houses on the property.

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Here are pictures of the house.

Front of the house

Front of the house

Back of the house

Back of the house

Side view

Side view

Left side of house

Left side of house

Dinning Room

Dinning Room

Book Case

Book Case

The house is currently listed on the market for $230,000 and is vacant.  The tenant moved out on the 27th of October, 2008.

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7 Responses to “About the House”

  1. Lucy Maestas Says:

    How big is the property? Just curious… Would like to be out in the country but live in the big city of Veneta

  2. amazingjewelrycleaner Says:

    It’s a 3 bed/2 bath 1413sq ft. house with a large 2 car garage. The property is 1 acre in size.

  3. Dawn Says:


    What about property taxes for this year? I know my parents just got there bill. It that something the winner would have to pay? If so how much?

    >Dawn, the taxes for this year has been paid via escrow already, but you will be responsible for next year’s.

  4. Mary Ann Says:

    Hi George,

    Just wondering. Are any of the bedrooms downstairs or are they all upstairs? How many steps are there up to the house from the ground?


    Mary Ann

  5. Mary Ann Says:

    Oops!! Sorry, I didn’t see the video of the house & property before I sent my questions in. Thanks!

  6. Liz Van Gordon Says:

    I have tried to enter your contest, but the registration says I have selected paypal to pay you, with no other choices. Is this the only way I can enter?
    Thank you for taking the time to answer,

  7. George Hamilton Says:

    I’m so sorry the Dept of Justice shut this idea down!
    What a great idea, since raffles are not legal, either.
    I tried to do the same idea to market my beach house, (kinorental.com)but, found that it was not that easy.
    Thank you for the few moments of excitement.

    George H.

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