Do I get to see it before I own it?
No. There’s too many people to show the house to. That’s why we made a video.

How do I vote/How to read the stories?
Just go to the How do I vote link.

Do I have to pay any mortgages?
No. We will transfer the title to you on December 23rd, 2008 and pay off the mortgage as soon as possible. Within 60 days (hopefully sooner, barring any complications getting the money from Paypal) we will present you with a free and clear title.

Do I have to pay property taxes?
Yes. You own the property. You will have to pay property taxes.  Taxes is $1600/year and Insurance $686.  These are current as of Nov 1st, 2008.

Is this for real?
Yes. This is real. This is not a joke. By Christmas 2008, the title will be transferred to someone. That person could be you. We encourage you to put your application on youtube.com. The person with the highest diggs will have a higher chance of catching people’s attention. Sign up for Digg.com, and get your friends to vote for your post.

Who owns the place now?
The owner is FreeHouse LLC. For more information, go to About Me.

What if I don’t want the house?
Just list it on the market and sell it. It’s yours free and clear. Do whatever you want with it.  Or you can choose the $100,000 cash alternative.

Will the property come to me free and clear?

Yes. We will issue you a conditional transfer title to you on the 23rd of December. As soon as we have received the money from PayPal, we will pay off the underlying mortgage and present you with a free and clean title.

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9 Responses to “F.A.Q.”

  1. Jenny West Says:

    Mr. Tran,
    Will the lucky winner be required to pay INCOME taxes federal and state based on the value of the house?
    Thank you.

  2. Krysty Says:

    How do I make a essay entry? I can not find the link to do that on this site. How do I view other entries? I don’t see that either???

  3. krystyloveslife Says:

    Ok so I got on Digg, do I put a comment under your things on dig? is that where I post and people vote or do I make a entry on my profile on digg. This is confusing to me and must be for others. If it was spelled out better I think more people would join in.

  4. amazingjewelrycleaner Says:

    Jenny: Yes, the winner will need to pay taxes on the value of the house. You may be able to work with your accountant to structure the earnings.

    Krysty: To make an entry, simply click on the REGISTER NOW link on the front page. It will then provide detail instructions on how to submit your story.

    Yes, you go to Digg, and submit your story as a comment. Just go to: http://digg.com/arts_culture/Can_t_Sell_house_I_m_giving_it_away_on_Digg#

    Then ask all your friends to digg your comments by clicking on the green “thumbs up”


  5. krystyloveslife Says:

    when did you start doing this? it doesn’t look like many people are doing this as of yet? Are you advertising? How are you going to attract 15,000 people in order to meet your $300,000 min? how many have joined?

    > We started this in Oct/30/08. We intend that each contestant will attract more participants thus growing the awareness of the competition – just like Facebook/Myspace…friends inviting friends to grow the awareness. Thus far, we’ve gotten about 30 contestants (as of Monday 11/17/08).

  6. Ruby Says:

    I would like to know what happens if you do not get fifteen thousand and seven entries, the number you need to make the three hundred thousand dollars. it says that then the money will be donated, but it is not clear what happens then; will the house still be given away?
    also, with all these entries, how can it be a contest of skill? People will probably not read all fifteen thousand entries, and then it will become a popularity contest of who can get the most friends to vote. Is this a skill? i love this idea, just don’t want to plunk down twenty bucks, a lot of money for me, for something so unclear.

    > We will need 15000 entries to reach our $300,000 target. If we don’t meet this target, we will ask the Internet whether we should extend or donate the money (less expenses) to charity.

    Yes, it is a game of skill. Yes, it is the contestant’s ability to garner support from their friends and family, and people who read their blogs, etc.


  7. Ruby Says:

    you do not say what will happen to the house if you do not get enough entries. you say you will dontate the money but not if you will keep the house. can you clarify that please? also there is no info about what if you want the hundred grand.thanks for the prompt replies.

    If we do not meet our goal, then the house will not be given away, and the money raised will be given to charity.

    If you are selected the winner, you will inform us whether you want the money or the house. If you get the house, you can easily sell it and get more money…otherwise, we will just give you the cash and sell the house ourselves.

  8. sara Says:

    In the terms of service it says . . “You agree to act honorably and not do anything illegal or you will immediately be disqualified with no refund.”

    Could you define this a little better. If I’m posting all over the place trying to get votes, is this ok? What would you say you can’t do.


    > Sara
    That is an excellent question. All I am saying is, you’re not going to blow up a house, cause a fire, do something stupid to get attention, break a leg, etc…SPAMMING other people is FROND UPON….so use common sense. Use the Jesus motto: “Do onto others…”


  9. Becky Says:

    Is there a chance thet if the house is not given away you would consider rent to own. I just heard about this as my family and i avoid watching news and reading the paper. I know in these times that sonds crazy but with all the horrible things going on I find it hard not to get depressed. My husband works hard and we have dreamed of finding a home we coud buy that the payments would be affordable I am asking this because the house is close to where we currently live and would be a great thing. I looked over some of the things people have written and there seem to be many deserving people out there. in truth some sound far more deserving than my family. I would like to enter but would feel better about trying to fulfill our dream of owning this home after the others that got in before. I am not saying a Basicaly free house would be bad(it would be great) but I think we are coming in a little late.

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