Dept of Justice – Formal Notice

We were contacted by the Dept. of Justice informing us that our competition is not in compliance and they ordered us to shut the competition down or face a lawsuit.

We’ve been upfront, transparent and honest about this competition from the beginning, and I’ve done everything I can to keep the public informed of our progress every step of the way.  We meant no harm or dishonesty.  All we wanted to do was to offer a more creative way to sell our house while making it affordable to other families to possibly own the house free and clear.  We wanted to make someone’s wish come true and yet everyone come out with a win/win outcome.

As of Sat Dec 16th, 2008, we’ve closed this competition.  We’ve notified every contestant and refunded everyone’s money.  Our original intent was to donate the monies to charity but the State would not allow us to do this.

The property is still listed on the market for $230,000.  You can contact our agent Jody Draper at 541-729-5422 should you wish to purchase the house.

We are also making the house available on a rent to own basis for $1400/m with a $2000 deposit.  After 12 months, you will qualify for an owner financing purchase option.  We are also open for an owner financing sale with a $20,000 down payment.  This is a beautiful house in the country that you would be happy growing old with your loved ones in.

As off this writing, Toni Rakestraw has accumulated 90 votes, with Gina Osborne  coming second at 14 votes!  We would like to honor everyone who has shared their touching stories with us.  We honestly hoped we could have made some family very happy, but alas the State does not think we have the right to do this.  You may contact the Dept. of Justice via email at: Ebersole Eugene – (Ph: (503) 934-4400) should you wish to voice your opinion.

Since Toni received the most votes, we contacted her and offered her the option to donate $50 to charity in her name.  She has graciously chosen Citizens for Health.  We will donate this to Citizens tomorrow.

We appreciate everyone’s support and interest in this property and welcome your feedback and comments.

Sincerely and humbly
George Tran


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