Got interviewed by CBS News/KVAL

Wow, got interviewed today by the lovely Laura Rillos from KVAL News.  I went out to the house, gave the news crew a tour of the house, and gave them the background story of the house.

My congratulations and thanks go out to Laura.  She did a fantastic job reporting the story accurately and fairly.

As a result of the airing, we’ve experienced another spike in our traffic.


We’re unfortunately getting a number of reports that the public voting via Digg is not registering….this is horrible.  I have sent an email out to Digg support to ask them to see if they can fix the problem.   We might have to change to a more complex way of submitting the story so it will record diggs accurately.


3 Responses to “Got interviewed by CBS News/KVAL”

  1. Toni Says:

    Hi George,

    Are there any more updates? You’ve been very quiet…. 🙂


    > Toni
    We’ve received about 80 applications thus far. We’ve been on a number of radio shows and are getting new applicants every day.

    Unfortunately, we’ve discovered there’s a problem with Digg and will need everybody to set up a new voting system.

  2. Toni Says:

    I know the votes are not being registered. I’ve been having everyone post comments under our story. If the manner of voting is changed, will everyone be able to vote again?

    >Yes Toni

    It’s A LOT of work for me to re-do all the training instructions. I’ve been recording new videos to show people how to do this. It’s not as simple as placing a simple comment against our main article….but it’s necessary as what we got isn’t working.

    So, yes, everyone will need to re-submit their story, and get their friends to vote for their story…the right way. This time, the vote will count. I promise.

    I wanted to make it easy for people to submit their story. Who knew Digg was buggy….


  3. Deborah Moore Says:

    Please read my blog and spread the word.

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