Wow, Front Page News

Traffic stats for Nov 14

Traffic stats for Nov 14

We got front page news coverage on the Register Guard, Eugene’s largest newspaper for City/Local News!

Just wanted to share the latest traffic stats with everyone.  Today’s our highest traffic ever!


One Response to “Wow, Front Page News”

  1. Rachelle Says:

    My Name is Rachelle Jones and I’m writing this letter asking for your aid or any support you can offer whether it’s financial or just some sort of personal connections you may have.
    I have a family of 4 including me, I’m married with 2kids a 6yr old son and a 3yr old daughter. We live in Palm Beach County Florida in a foreclosed home that was recently auctioned off to the bank and now have 90 days to move because our landlord did not let us know that the bank foreclosed on him, we really don’t care what state we live in just as long as we have a place of our own and steady a job. We have moved 4 times already in the past year due to the recent foreclosure issues, first my parent lost their house then we ran into 3 traps were the landlords were being foreclosed on and did not tell us. We have poor credit furthermore we both lost our jobs, so it’s not like we can get our own place. We have been trying to find work over the past year, but with the state of this economy, it has become nearly impossible. Since losing our jobs, we’ve had to try selling a lot of our belongings, so our family can maintain the necessities we need to live on, but we are running out of things to sell. We also applied for unemployment benefits where I received one check and they stop sending checks for my husband but we feel that with faith we’ll pull through so we’re holding our heads high, and willing to fight to survive. We are not sure how we going to support our family, we survived so far only because we have faith that our situation will get better soon. “This to Shall Pass!”
    We have thought about opening our own business and now we are looking to make that happen, some how. Apparently that is the only way you can insure a steady income. So far I’ve been research info on finding a mentor, advisor, and funding. We don’t have any money so I’m working on finding free help. I’m aware that most of the people in the world today are going through a situation where they have to struggle doing whatever it take to support their family. Well here I am asking if you can help by donating $100 which can help us in so many ways start with the business we are trying to start up, electric bill, water bill, phone bill, cable bill, clothes, household necessities, gas, daycare, summer camp or programs for the kids, etc. anything you can help us with.
    We understand that bad things can and do happen to good people and I don’t want to sound like I’m begging for the help. I always say, you never know what type of help you can get unless you ask and that’s why I’m being straightforward and honest, by putting my best foot forward to ask you if there is any way possible that you can help us please do. I truly understand if you decline my request for help. I recognize that you may receive many letters such as this one on a daily basis and would truly understand if you cannot lend a hand.
    You can contact me by email, phone (646) 535-0597 or mail 1001 Shoma Dr. Wellington FL 33414.
    Thank you for time and consideration,
    Rachelle Jones

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