Exciting News

Well, I wrote a letter to Ms Jan Margosian after seeing the story about this giveaway on KEZI.

Ms. Jan Margosian
Consumer Information Coordinator
Financial Fraud. Department of Justice
100 Justice Building
Salem, Oregon 97310
Phone: (503) 378-4732
Fax: (503) 378-5017
e-mail: jan.margosian@doj.state.or.us

In my letter, I explained clearly that we have cleared this with my attorney before moving forward.  We intend to comply with any requests made by Ms Margosian.  I am an honest guy doing something innovative and different, while helping non-profit organizations at the same time.  Through out this project, I have been complete transparent as I know there is a high degree of skeptism for this sort of thing.  Again, my reputation is worth a lot to me, and I will continue to be transparent and honest to you.
Second exciting piece of news is that we were featured in a radio interview in Georgia today.  They called me at 5.30am this morning.  Woke me out of bed. 🙂  I hope I did not sound too groggy.

Finally, we got an invitation with the Register Guard for them to come out and write a story about our giveaway tomorrow at 1pm.  That’s exciting news.  I will keep you posted.



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