Improving the offer

Well, I spoke to a few people about the offer and here are some of the feedbacks I’ve received. Please contribute your opinion if you please.

1) The price is too high.
They said they were not willing to risk $49.95 for a chance to win a house free and clear.

2) They don’t want the house.
They don’t live close by or it’s not where they want to live….or they don’t want to relocate their family.

3) The call to action to Digg the story was unclear and has no “what’s in it for me?”

So, as a result of this feedback, I’m going to improve the offer:

1) The price is reduced from $49.95 to $19.95

2) We’re giving away the house or $100,000 cash – you choose.

3) We’re just going to ask you to register.

We’ve also made the submission process a lot simpler. All you have to do is to tell your story in the comments of the Digg story. The person with the highest number of votes, wins.


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